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FRITZ!Box 4040 Service

FRITZ!Box reports "Configuration of the VPN connection failed, because no virtual IP address [...]"

When you attempt to enable the option "VPN" for a FRITZ!Box user, the FRITZ!Box displays the following error message:

"An error occurred. Error description: Configuration of the VPN connection failed, because no virtual IP address could be defined for the user. Please check the network settings. Please enter your data again. If the error occurs again, please consult AVM Support."

Note:The configuration procedure and notes on functions given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for your FRITZ!Box.

1 Adjusting the FRITZ!Box's IP settings

There is no free IPv4 address available for the user's VPN connection. Either the address range used by the FRITZ!Box's DHCP server includes the entire IPv4 network, or all IPv4 addresses outside this DHCP range are already being used for other VPN connections.

Configure the FRITZ!Box so that there are enough free IP addresses for all VPN connections:

Note:In this guide, the FRITZ!Box uses the IPv4 address (subnet mask and assigns IPv4 addresses from to If you want to use a different IPv4 network, adjust the values used in this example.

  1. Click "Home Network" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Home Network Overview" in the "Home Network" menu.
  3. Click on the "Network Settings" tab.
  4. Click the "IPv4 Addresses" button. If the button is not displayed, enable the Advanced View first.
  5. Enter as the IP address.
  6. Enter as the subnet mask.
  7. Enter to for the range from which the FRITZ!Box assigns IPv4 addresses.
  8. Click "OK" to save the settings.