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FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE – Service

FRITZ!Box reports "The IP address is not available"

When you attempt to set up port sharing, the following error message is displayed:

"An error occurred. Error description: The IP address is not available. Please enter your data again. If the error occurs again, please consult AVM Support."

1 IP address is located in the guest network

You cannot set up port sharing in the FRITZ!Box for devices that are connected to it via the wireless guest network. The FRITZ!Box does not allow devices in the guest network (IP network, subnet mask to be accessed from the internet.

2 IP address is located in another IP network (subnet)

Due to an error in FRITZ!OS, you cannot set up port sharing for devices that are in a downstream IP network (subnet), for example in the IP network of an additional router connected to the FRITZ!Box.

We are working on a solution and shall correct this behavior with a FRITZ!OS update for the FRITZ!Box as soon as possible. We cannot give you a release date for the update yet.

Note:You can have the push service notify you by email when new updates are available. In addition, you can configure the FRITZ!Box so that new updates are installed automatically. You can enable these options under "System > Push Service" or "System > Update > Auto Update" in the user interface.

3 Multiple IP addresses for the same MAC address

You cannot set up port sharing in the FRITZ!Box for devices if they use multiple IP addresses for the same MAC address. Currently, the FRITZ!Box does not support devices that use several IP addresses with the same MAC address (for example virtual machines with manually assigned MAC addresses that are used by several devices in the home network).