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FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE – Service

What is MyFRITZ! and how can I use it?

MyFRITZ! is a free service offered by AVM that grants you secure and easy access to your own FRITZ!Box over the internet. With MyFRITZ! you can listen to messages on your FRITZ!Box answering machine and check your FRITZ!Box's call list, access the files (for example photos, music, documents) you manage with FRITZ!NAS, or also adjust your FRITZ!Box settings from anywhere in the world at any time.

To use MyFRITZ!, you only need to create a personal MyFRITZ! account and configure it in the FRITZ!Box. Your FRITZ!Box only transmits the IP address at which it can be reached in the internet to the MyFRITZ! service. All of your personal data and passwords are always stored exclusively in the FRITZ!Box and are not transferred to AVM's MyFRITZ! service or any other service or provider. Therefore, two different login processes are required for MyFRITZ! to access your FRITZ!Box:

  1. Logging into the MyFRITZ! service
    • In the first step, you enter your email address and personal MyFRITZ! password to log in to the website. This login information is saved in encrypted form on our MyFRITZ! servers when you create the MyFRITZ! account.
  2. Logging into the FRITZ!Box
    • After being automatically redirected to the MyFRITZ! home page of your FRITZ!Box, you enter the account information for your FRITZ!Box user account to log in to the FRITZ!Box. Neither the FRITZ!Box user account nor the account information is known to the MyFRITZ! service or AVM; instead, this information is stored exclusively in your FRITZ!Box.

Note:You can use the free app MyFRITZ!App for easy MyFRITZ! access using your smartphone or tablet.