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FRITZ!Box 7330 – Service

Google Play Music is not displayed

Playback devices or software (for example televisions, smartphones with FRITZ!App Media, game consoles) cannot play music files from Google Play Music when the FRITZ!Box Media Server makes Google Play Music available. When the playback device or software searches for media servers, it only displays the FRITZ!Box Media Server itself, but not Google Play Music.

1 Cannot use Google Play Music with the FRITZ!Box Media Server

Google modified the way it makes media files available in Google Play Music. Due to this change, the FRITZ!Box Media Server cannot be used to access Google Play Music.

For this reason, in the next FRITZ!OS update we will remove the option to make Google Play Music available through the FRITZ!Box Media Server from the user interface. If we can offer this option again in the future, we will do so in a future FRITZ!OS update.