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FRITZ!Powerline 540E – Service

Configuring FRITZ!Powerline as a powerline bridge

In the powerline bridge mode, FRITZ!Powerline enables you to access your home network and internet, even outside the wireless range (WiFi) of your router (for example a FRITZ!Box), or when the router itself does not have wireless LAN capabilities. In addition, you can connect media receivers, game consoles, or other network devices without wireless capabilities to FRITZ!Powerline via a network cable.

Since FRITZ!Powerline and the router are connected via your home's power mains, you do not need to connect both devices with a cable.

Fig.: Connection scenario for powerline bridge mode

Note:The configuration procedure and notes on functions given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for FRITZ!Powerline.


  • Another powerline adapter is already connected to the router via a network cable.

1 Connecting FRITZ!Powerline adapters

2 Configuring powerline bridge mode in FRITZ!Powerline

  1. Click "Access to Home Network" in the FRITZ!Powerline user interface.
  2. Click the "Change type of connection" button in the "Access to Home Network" menu.
  3. Enable the option "Powerline bridge" and click "Next".
  4. Select which IP settings FRITZ!Powerline should use and click "Next".
  5. Accept the preset wireless settings of the FRITZ! powerline adapter or define individual wireless settings and click "Next".

    Important:To ensure optimal security, the password should be at least 20 characters long and contain capital and lower-case letters (but not letters such as ä, ë, ö, ü, é, í), digits, and other characters.

    Note:If FRITZ!Powerline and the wireless router use identical wireless settings, wireless devices automatically connect to the wireless network with the strongest signal wireless roaming).

  6. Click "Finish" to save the settings.

3 Connecting the device with FRITZ!Powerline

You can connect game consoles, computers, smartphones, or other devices to FRITZ!Powerline using a network cable or wireless LAN:

Connecting a device to FRITZ!Powerline using a network cable

  • Use a network cable to connect the device to a LAN port on FRITZ!Powerline.

Connecting the device with FRITZ!Powerline via wireless LAN